Lil Wayne May Have Faked Health Scare As Publicity Stunt, Says Shameless Blog

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By Daniel Gates


Lil Wayne had a frightening Friday, with the rapper hospitalized after suffering a seizure that initial reports suggesting could be life-threatening. Over the course of the night, Lil Wayne’s camp shot down the more dire rumors, with official representatives and Weezy’s Young Money pals confirming that he’d indeed had a health scare, but was “recovering,” with his condition stabilizing. It was an alarming event for the performer’s fans, friends and family, especially given Lil Wayne’s history of seizures and health issues.

HollywoodLife, Jay Penske’s shameless and reckless webloid, thinks it all might have been a publicity stunt. In an appallingly misguided post, the blog suggests that the fact that Lil Wayne is “not dying” means that his health scare could have been a “promotional ploy” to sell his upcoming album. Even by HollywoodLife’s standards, this is horrendous. The site says that with Weezy’s “I Am Not a Human Being II” slated for release on March 26, his hospitalization drama on Friday could be a “major publicity stunt to increase album sales.”

HollywoodLife points out that Nicki Minaj will appear on the album, and notes that she retweeted Mack Maine’s tweet declaring that, contrary to TMZ reporting, Lil Wayne was still “alive and well.” “Seeing as how she retweeted that Lil Wayne is fine, it’s possible that she was in on the alleged publicity stunt as well,” writes HollywoodLife. Wow.

There was NO “alleged publicity stunt” — except for the one being spread by HollywoodLife. Lil Wayne was hospitalized on Friday. That’s a fact. While the exact circumstances have not been confirmed, the rapper did suffer a seizure — not his first, by the way — and was subsequently visited by worried friends who had legitimate concerns about the severity of the health scare. That’s a fact.

Lil Wayne is also one of the biggest-selling recording artists in the world — he did not fake a seizure and hospitalization in order to sell albums. It’s this type of illogical, sensationalistic, tone-deaf “reporting” that’s made HollywoodLife so untrustworthy as a celebrity news outlet. The only “stunt” here was the site’s.

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