Liev Schreiber Did NOT “Kick Paparazzo In The Nuts,” Despite BuzzFeed Story

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By Michael Lewittes


Liev Schreiber did NOT “kick a paparazzo in the nuts,” despite a story from BuzzFeed.

On Friday, the site ran a piece with the headline, “Did Liev Schreiber Kick A Paparazzo In The Nuts?” along with several photos of the actor riding a bike in New York with his two young sons in tow.

A photographer is seen standing to the left of the star as he’s peddling, and in one of the pics, Schreiber’s foot appears level with the man’s crotch (see photo at right).

And that’s literally all there is to the blog’s story.

Now, Gossip Cop is well aware that it’s a slow news day, and there seems to be no malicious intent in BuzzFeed’s piece.

Still, this sort of empty speculation and desire to stir drama at the cost of accuracy is how rumors start in the first place.

It’s cheap, and there’s too much of it on the Internet today.

In any case, we checked in with a Schreiber insider, who tells us the photographer “didn’t get kicked in the nuts.”

Mystery solved.

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