CLAIM: Liberty Ross Disses Kristen Stewart As “Downgrade”

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By Michael Lewittes


Liberty Ross’ Biggest Diss To Kristen Stewart: You’re A Downgrade,” reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which constantly fabricates stories and is wrong over and over and over again about the Twilight actress.

In its latest senseless report, the webloid says, “Liberty knows that Kristen Stewart is a downgrade from her — and she’s proving it to the world!”

How? HollywoodLife, which is even more embarrassed than usual today since its boss was arrested, then explains, Ross is “flaunting her sexy body to make her cheating husband Rupert Sanders realize he messed up — big time!”

The grossly unreliable blog, which now steals Gossip Cop exclusives — presumably to have something accurate on its site — then goes on to note that on Wednesday, Ross was pictured wearing “a big, yet arguably gaudy, cross.” It uses that minor detail to shamelessly attack Stewart by writing, “Could [Ross] be warding off Kristen Stewart, branded as the ‘trampire’ since the cheating scandal emerged?”

Enough. We all know HollywoodLies, er, hollywoodLife makes up stories, but Ross being photographed on the street looking attractive is NOT a “diss” to Stewart nor is it a way for her to say to the Snow White and the Huntsman star that she’s a “downgrade.”

It’s simply Ross… walking down the street. She’s not “flaunting her sexy body.” She’s a model — that is her body. As for Ross’ cross “warding off Kristen Stewart,” well, that’s just more proof that HollywoodLife lives only in a world of falsehoods, fantasy and fiction.

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