Liam Payne Says “No One Could Deserve” So Much Love; One Direction Fans React

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By Daniel Gates



Liam Payne is feeling a little overwhelmed by the love. One Direction kicked off their “Where We Are” world tour in Bogota, Columbia, on Friday, and Payne reportedly got a bit emotional during the performance, later tweeting, “The greatest experience of my life.”

Apparently, fans outside the boy band’s hotel were excited, too, because early Saturday, Payne pleaded on Twitter, “Hi everyone I hate doing this because I sound a dick but please keep the noise down outside it’s 6am and everyone is sleepy mouses thanks xx.”

Later in the day, Payne was wowed once again by the sheer numbers and force of the fans One Direction is encountering in the first days of its tour.

“Honestly you guys are gunna set me off again Lima that was an overwhelming experience something I’ll remember forever,” he wrote, adding, “It’s so crazy I feel like I haven’t done enough to deserve that kind of appreciation gunna spend my day in a state of shock love you guys.” The singer then posted a picture of the thousands of One Direction supporters assembled below (see right and below).

He wrote, “I will never understand, and you will never understand what this does to somebody …why? No one could deserve this.” Directioners politely disagreed, making “#LIAMYOUDESERVEALLOFTHIS” the top trending topic in the world. Not a bad day.


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