VIDEO: Liam Neeson & Jimmy Fallon Have Most Intense Arm Wrestling Match Ever

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Jimmy Fallon Liam Neeson Arm Wrestling

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Fallon Liam Neeson Arm Wrestling


Jimmy Fallon arm wrestled Liam Neeson on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” It was intense. It was manly. It was strange. Check out the video below!

Both Fallon and Neeson like to spend most of their time arm wrestling yelling about what they’re going to do after they win. Fallon promises, “I’m going to get a tattoo on my lower back that says, ‘Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s.'”

Neeson is more menacing: “After I win, I’m going to find a hundred Jimmy Fallon look-alikes, put them in a room together, and throw you the world’s creepiest surprise party.” Subsequent taunts include threats involving the Great Pyramids, Where’s Waldo? and jigsaw puzzles.

Neeson says he’ll take a leak in Fallon’s gas tank. Fallon announces that he’s going to tell the Starbucks barista his name is “Papa,” so that when his drink is ready, he’ll have to ask, “Papa? Papa? Are you there, Papa?” The turning point in the match comes when Neeson reveals his intentions to legally change his name to Dick Rubnuts. But who won the arm wrestling match? Check out the video below to find out.

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