MAG: Miley Cyrus Thinks Liam Hemsworth Is “Wimp” Who Needs to “Man Up”

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By Daniel Gates


Miley Cyrus used to brag that her fiancé Liam Hemsworth is a tough guy — but now she’s accusing him of being an outright wimp,” reports the National Enquirer.

Wait… what? According to the tabloid, “The 19-year-old wild child believes her beau of three years doesn’t do enough to defend her in public, and she’s trying to reignite his once-notorious temper.” The Enquirer says Cyrus has told Hemworth to “man up.”

“Miley loves the thought of Liam rushing to her like she’s a damsel in distress,” a so-called “pal” explains to the Enquirer. “She’s been riding him about it and wants to know he has her back.” The magazine says “the issue burst spectacularly into the open” on September 9, when Cyrus “got into a dustup” at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood. In the tab’s version of events, Hemsworth “kept his cool while Miley blew sky-high,” allegedly striking another patron in the face, with her fiancé needing to “hold her back,” according to an Enquirer source.

That alleged incident happened just one day after a scissors-wielding man was caught trespassing at Cyrus’ home, and the magazine says the singer-actress kept asking Hemsworth, “Would you have taken him on?” According to the Enquirer source, “Miley doesn’t like the change in Liam, but he feels he needs to keep a cooler head.” Uh-huh.

Let’s take a trip back into reality. First of all, as Gossip Cop reported, the Beacher’s Madhouse incident wound up being completely overblown, as sources with both law enforcement and the venue told us nothing had really happened between Cyrus and the alleged victim. More importantly, Cyrus is not demanding that Hemsworth “man up.” This ridiculous assertion that she thinks of her beau as a “wimp” seems to be the Enquirer’s latest attempt to create drama between the couple, having wrongly reported that Cyrus was worried Emma Roberts would “steal” Hemsworth, and alleging that Hemsworth was “furious” about Cyrus’ revealing clothes.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the story about Cyrus suddenly thinking Hemsworth is a “wimp” is just more “tabloid space filler.”

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