CLAIM: Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Blake Lively Back

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By Michael Lewittes

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio is “heartsick and lonely after dumping girlfriend Blake Lively,” writes the National Enquirer, which quotes a so-called “source” as saying he’s been telling pals, “I made a huge mistake.”

The “source” then supposedly blabs, “Leo ended their five-month fling when he told Blake he just didn’t have time in his life for serious romance, so she moved on — quickly falling in love with Ryan Reynolds. But now, after being inundated with photos and reports about his old flame and her new flame, Leo’s jealous and wants Blake back.”

Stop. That quote above is completely manufactured. No real person says would such use fake phrases as “Leo ended their five-month fling” or “so she moved on — quickly falling in love with Ryan Reynolds.”

Anyway, the tabloid goes on to claim, “DiCaprio’s texting and phoning nonstop with reconciliation pleas,” but Lively told him, “We’re not getting back together. I’m very happy right now, and I hope you’ll find someone great… just as I have!” Yeah, more made-up quotes.

Still, Gossip Cop reached out, and even Lively’s rep confirmed, “It’s not true,” and that they “haven’t had any contact for months.” We’d say, “Shame on you” to the Enquirer, but working at the tab is probably shameful enough already.

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