CLAIM: Leonardo DiCaprio is “Hooking Up” with Blake Lively

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By Michael Lewittes

Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively


“Leo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Are Having Relationship Trouble — Is Blake Lively To Blame?” asks HollywoodLife, which rarely seems to have the right answer.

The poorly reported blog claims an “insider” says Leonardo DiCaprio is “hooking up with Blake Lively.” Really? While Gossip Cop can confirm that the actor’s relationship with the model has hit a snag, it has NOTHING to do with Lively. As usual, though, the site tries to sell the narrative of Lively being to “blame” by physically inserting the photo (at right) of her (coming) between DiCaprio and Refaeli. The visual of the three celebrities and the premise of a love triangle is not accurate.

HollywoodLife nevertheless belches up a quote from Lainey Gossip, which reads: “I received an anonymous email yesterday from someone who claims that Leo, or someone resembling Leo, was spotted at 3am on Monday night/Tuesday morning heading into Blake Lively’s apartment.” As further proof of a DiCaprio-Lively connection, HollywoodLife writes that the “Gossip Girl” star “wants a role in The Great Gatsby more than anything… coincidentally, Leo is starring in the film.”

Let’s step back and look at this. OK, so HollywoodLife’s “proof” that Lively and DiCaprio are “hooking up,” besides it’s mocked-up photo of the two (and Refaeli), is an “anonymous email” sent to another blogger about someone possibly, maybe, kind of “resembling Leo”?!

On the flip side of the reporting spectrum, Gossip Cop investigated and a DiCaprio source tells us the Lively rumor is “not true,” and there’s “nothing going on there” between them. Additionally, a rep for Lively reiterates it’s “not true at all,” and calls the HollywoodLife story “stupid.”

And oh yeah, we like how the wrong website says Lively “wants a role in The Great Gatsby more than anything.” That same silly site started the rumor, which Gossip Cop also debunked as untrue. Basically, when it comes to DiCaprio, HollywoodLife’s stories sink faster than the Titanic.

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