Lena Dunham Breaks Silence On N-Word Controversy

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By Daniel Gates


Lena Dunham has responded to the controversy that erupted after comedian Lisa Lampanelli used the N-word when referring to the “Girls” star in a tweet.

Lampanelli tweeted a picture of the pair at last weekend’s Writers Guild Awards, along with the caption, “Me with my n—a @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!”

Among the observers who called out Dunham in the following days was writer Shayla Pierce, who blasted her in various articles and tweeted, “.@LenaDunham has showed her true colors on this whole n-word debacle. Her silence speaks volumes.”

With that, Dunham broke her silence on the N-word. She tweeted to Pierce, “That’s not a word I would EVER use. Its implications are beyond my comprehension. I was made supremely uncomfortable by it.”

Dunham then explained why she hadn’t said anything about Lampanelli’s caption. “Perhaps I should have addressed it, but the fact is I’ve learned that twitter debates breed more twitter debates,” she told Pierce. “Don’t like the idea that my silence read to you as tacit approval. It wasn’t.” Dunham continued, “But 140 characters will never be enough for the kind of dialogue that will actually help us address issues of race and class.”

Referring to Pierce’s article on the N-word, Dunham said, “Beautifully written– & I’m sorry that any of those feelings were evoked for you, especially by a sentence with my name in it.” Pierce replied, “Thank you so much. And I do <3 you and your work. Thanks for addressing this *hugsies*.”

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