Lena Dunham on $10,000 Jezebel Photo Bounty For Pre-Photoshop Vogue Pics: “Some Sh*t Is Too Ridiculous To Engage”

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By Daniel Gates


Lena Dunham is not loving Jezebel’s hunt for un-retouched photos from her recent Vogue cover shoot.

On Thursday, the popular women-focused website offered a $10,000 bounty for pre-Photoshop images of Dunham.

Jezebel explained that Dunham is a feminist who promotes body positivity, and that by using altered pictures to hide her imperfections and disguise her real appearance, Vogue was forcing the “Girls” star into its preconceived beauty standards.

The $10,000 offer for the photos led to controversy on a number of sites, with observers debating whether Jezebel’s fixation on obtaining photos of Dunham’s “real” body was petty or worthwhile, an exercise in journalism or body-shaming.

Late on Thursday, Dunham responded.

Some sh*t is just too ridiculous to engage,” she tweeted. “Let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.”

On Friday, Jezebel published a series of “un-retouched images” from the Vogue shoot, pointing out all of the alterations and adjustments, many of them relatively minor.

The site remarked that Dunham “looks fantastic” in the original pictures.

While the actress-writer-director did not directly tweet about the results of Jezebel’s bounty on Friday, she did tweet, “Way cooler when people do things out of pure blind spite than out of faux altruism.”


What do you think about Jezebel’s $10,000 offer for the raw Dunham images?

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