Leif Garrett to Justin Bieber: “Don’t Believe Your Own Publicity”

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By Daniel Gates

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Justin Bieber is getting some unsolicited advice from someone who got a taste of the early fame and adoration The Biebs currently enjoys.

Fox News asked Leif Garrett, the 1970s teen heartthrob, for some words of wisdom on Bieber’s behalf. “Do not believe your own publicity,” cautions Garrett. “Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you.”

Garrett acknowledges that his situation might not have been exactly like Bieber’s. He explains, “I mean our circumstances are quite different. This is something he really wanted to do and he achieved it. I was in acting.” “When you’ve got that sort of power at that young age, and everything at your doorstep, you put out that bad boy image,” says Garrett. “At that age, testosterone, hormones, all of the money, you see what else you can get away with. He’s also doing a lot of charity work.”

Asked to identify what caused his “downward spiral” at the peak of his fame, Garrett responds, “The hardest thing was the music I was doing. I had no control of the music. They wanted me to continue doing teen idol stuff. I’m really into music and a new wave was happening.”

“The average lifespan of a teen idol is five years. You have to change musically,” says Garrett. “Bubble gum pop was good for the first time you have sex. They didn’t want to give the OK on some really good music. It was the frustration of being signed to that label. I was depressed. My heroes and A&R guys on the bus were doing drugs so I was doing drugs.”

What do you think about Garrett’s comments?

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