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TAB: LeAnn Rimes “Not Touring” Because She Fears Eddie Cibrian Will Cheat

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By Michael Lewittes


LeAnn Rimes is putting her career on hold because she’s terrified her marriage is in jeopardy,” begins a breathless piece from the National Enquirer.

The mag claims the country singer has “only three concerts scheduled for the busy summer touring season” because “she’s afraid to leave her husband, Eddie Cibrian, home alone.”

According to a purported “insider” for the tab, “Summer is prime time for country singers to go out and play the festival and fair circuits, and LeAnn is giving up a fortune by not touring.”

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The alleged “source” tells the rag, “She says Eddie doesn’t like to go on the road with her, so she stays home.”

Another so-called “insider” notes, “LeAnn is worried about hitting the road and leaving Eddie to his own devices.”

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“She knows how they started — with an affair — and she fears it could happen again,” adds the spy.


We’re heard all this nonsense before about Rimes supposedly living in constant fear that Cibrian will stray.

And yet the couple remains happily together.

As for Rimes supposedly not touring so she can monitor her husband, a rep for the country star tells Gossip Cop, “This is a total fabrication.”

The spokesperson notes that Rimes has more than a dozen concerts scheduled for this summer so far, and “we are adding cities to the summer tour weekly.”

Of course, the Enquirer would have known this had it simply visited Rimes’ official website, but that’s asking too much of the tab, we guess.

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