CLAIM: LeAnn Rimes “Packs On 38 Pounds” After Gorging on Comfort Food

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

LeAnn Rimes is “embarrassed about her 38-pound weight gain,” according to the National Enquirer, which reports that the country singer “is such an emotional wreck over her floundering marriage to skirt-chasing Eddie Cibrian that she’s been pigging out on fattening comfort food.”

“Poor LeAnn is so distraught over fears that Eddie is going to cheat on her that she’s drowning her emotions with junk food,” explains a so-called “insider” for the tabloid. “She’s gobbling up everything in sight.”

The Enquirer says her recent unhealthy eating and weight gain are the reason why she didn’t attend last week’s CMA Awards. “She feels physically unattractive and didn’t want to try to squeeze into a formal gown,” claims the mag’s source. Uh-huh.

Above is a picture of Rimes — with Cibrian, happy, and showing her body, which is not 38 pounds heavier — on November 5. The CMA Awards were one day later. Unless Rimes’ body (and body image) changed dramatically in those 24 hours, this story is as bogus as it sounds. Of course, the Enquirer has a dreadful track record reporting on Rimes, so this type of sensationalism is no surprise. A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop the latest report is “totally false.”

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