LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Can’t Bash Brandi Glanville on Reality Show?

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LeAnn Rimes Eddie Cibrian reality show

By Michael Lewittes


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LeAnn Rimes upcoming VH1 reality show with Eddie Cibrian is shaping up to be a huge “bomb,” reports Star.

The magazine, which previously claimed Rimes pays Cibrian for sex, quotes a purported “insider” as saying, “There’s no chemistry between LeAnn and Eddie. She spends the entire time adoring and grabbing him, and he couldn’t care less.”

Star goes on to allege that Rimes and Cibrian can’t discuss his ex Brandi Glanville on the show.

The purported “insider” says, “LeAnn spent far too much time bashing Brandi, but the judge in Eddie’s divorce said they’re not allowed to publicly talk about her. So producers can’t use any of that footage.” That’s ridiculous, especially because Glanville talks about Rimes and Cibrian all the time on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In fact, this entire story is FALSE. A source close to Cibrian tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s report is “total nonsense” and that there’s “no truth to it whatsoever.” Moreover, we’re told that Rimes and Cibrian are 100 percent “allowed” to talk about Glanville on the show — if they so choose.

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