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Site’s Latest “Diva” Claims About Lea Michele Just Don’t Gel

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By Daniel Gates


Once the gossip press decides to tag a celebrity with a certain label, the majority of stories become filtered through that characterization.

It’s become common, for instance, to slap together “reporting” that portrays Lea Michele as a “diva.”

And it’s especially common for sites as derivative and careless as HollywoodLife.

According to the site, Michele is “officially on [its] diva radar” after allegedly acting “exactly like her stuck-up character” at the “Glee” season premiere party in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Michele supposedly “held court in the roped off VIP section with three security guards dressed in black surrounding her at all times.” Ignoring the fans who waited to meet her, the actress reportedly “never left her perch and sat by herself with her team the majority of the night.”

The HollywoodLife account sounded dubious to us, and with good reason: It’s not accurate.

A source close to Michele tells Gossip Cop the actress was seated with cast mates including Amber Riley and Cory Monteith in the VIP area, not “by herself,” as the site claims.

Nor did Michele have three black-clad bodyguards — her table happened to be near the ropes, where the event’s security was stationed, and the security was no different than it would be at any high-profile party of that size.

And as many of HollywoodLife’s own commenters observe (and as our insider assures us), Michele did interact with fans and pose for photos throughout the evening.

Maybe the editors who filed this lame (and lazy) report just couldn’t see from the kiddie table.

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