Orange Is The New Black Star Lea DeLaria Explodes At Subway Preacher (VIDEO)

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Lea DeLaria Subway Video

By Daniel Gates


Lea DeLaria Subway Video

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“Orange Is The New Black” star Lea DeLaria shouted down a subway preacher during a tense standoff in New York on Tuesday morning. The actress, who plays Carrie “Big Boo” Black on the hit Netflix series, became frustrated when a man kept loudly quoting the Bible to trapped commuters on the D train. She decided to match his volume.

“You have no right! You have no right!” DeLaria shouted at the proselytizer. “Get off this train! Other people believe other things, and have every right to believe other things on this planet and in this world. We do not have to be force-fed this man’s religious beliefs. Jesus never said for you to do this! Not anywhere in the Bible!”

DeLaria later challenges the preacher’s pick-and-choose approach to the Bible, telling him, “Don’t come at me, because I went to f*cking Catholic school for 12 years, and I know every line.” When the man refuses to be quiet, DeLaria declares, “This is mass transportation… and as long as you keep talking, I’ll keep talking!” The other passengers seem less than comfortable.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Was DeLaria right to shout down the preacher?


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