Laurence Fishburne: Justin Bieber “Acts Black-ish, But He Doesn’t Get Shot By The Police” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Blackish

By Daniel Gates


Justin Bieber Blackish


Laurence Fishburne responded to the controversy over the title of his new TV show “Black-ish” with an unexpected explanation on Monday’s “The View.” When co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that people were “freaked out” by the word, Fishburne invoked Justin Bieber.

“Depending upon on your perspective, for some people [‘black-ish’] means when black folks kind of act white, for some people it means when white folks act black,” said Fishburne, whose comedy series follows the lives of an upper-middle class black family headed by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. “I think of it this way. Two words: Justin Bieber.”

Co-host Rosie Perez gasped as the audience broke into applause at Fishburne’s assessment. The actor continued, “Justin Bieber acts ‘black-ish,’ but he doesn’t get shot by the police. He gets a police escort home.” At this point, Perez declared that she was “nervous” and burst into uncomfortable laughter.

Fishburne later clarified, “If you like rock and roll, if you like rhythm and blues, if you like jazz, if you like hip-hop, you might be black-ish.” It sounds like a lot of people, not just Bieber, would therefore fall into the category.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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