Brad Pitt’s “Mystery Woman” Continues To Get Tabloid Hot and Bothered

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By Daniel Gates


Lara Marsden is identified as the brunette “mystery woman” OK! magazine has been unsuccessfully linking to Brad Pitt for months, even though there’s never been any mystery about her role in his life.

She’s an assistant on the production of World War Z, which Pitt has been filming at various locations from Malta to London to Glasgow. That’s it. But OK! is deeply, deeply invested in the notion that Marsden has “caused so much turmoil in the world of two of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols,” and can’t figure out “why Angelina Jolie is tolerating” her proximity to Pitt.

Here’s a hint: Angelina Jolie understands how movies work, and OK! magazine doesn’t. The tabloid combs Marsden’s MySpace page for evidence that she’s “sexually provocative,” trying to portray her as a seductive vixen who poses a huge threat to Pitt and Jolie’s relationship. But like a dog chasing its own tail, OK! winds up looking silly and desperate.

Brad Pitt is making a movie, and the movie has lots of staff. Some of those personnel are frequently photographed near him because they’re working together all day in front of hundreds of other people. There’s nothing scandalous about any of this, and the only mystery is how OK! manages to remain so in the dark.

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