Women’s Site Attacks Victim Lara Logan For Being “Irresponsible”

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes


Lara Logan


This week it was revealed that veteran CBS News journalist Lara Logan suffered “a brutal and sustained sexual assault” while covering the celebrations in Egypt after Hosni Mubarak stepped down as the country’s president. The barbaric sexual attack resulted in the “60 Minutes” correspondent being hospitalized. Logan was there doing her job the best she could. She was the victim of a group of animals. Yet, HollywoodLife, a site run by and catering to women, has done the unimaginable. It has blamed the victim.

After noting that Logan is the mother of two children (and illustrates it with a photo of her holding one of her kids), the blog asks, “Is She Brave Or Irresponsible For Putting Herself In This Kind Of Danger?” “Irresponsible”? HollywoodLife then essentially repeats itself, though more emphatically, in its opening paragraph: “Do you think she’s really brave, or completely irresponsible for putting herself in such a dangerous situation when she has two little kids waiting for her to come home?”

“Completely irresponsible”? Logan is a successful woman doing her job, and yet the blog has the audacity to call her “irresponsible”? Imagine simply if it were a hard-working male journalist with two kids at home who suffered a “brutal” and “sustained” attack: Would anyone call him “irresponsible”?

Thankfully, Logan is out of the hospital now, and eager to return to the profession she loves. Rather than re-victimize Logan, a women’s site like HollywoodLife should be grateful she survived, and laud her for her accomplishments instead of calling her “irresponsible.” The only “irresponsible” journalists here are the ones at HollywoodLife.

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