Lance Bass on Worst Rumor He’s Ever Heard: I Was “Banned” From Having Sex

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By Shari Weiss

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Lance Bass says he’s been the victim of “a lot” of rumors over the years, but none will top the crazy story that came out when he was 17. “Some magazine printed in England that I was banned from having sex for two years,” he told Gossip Cop at Thursday’s American Music Awards nominations ceremony. Bass noted, “I don’t know what I did to get banned, first off, and then how do you ban someone from sex?”

“It was awesome,” he joked. Looking back on his VMAs reunion with *NSYNC, the singer said he “wouldn’t change a thing,” especially cherishing the time he spent off-stage with his former band mates.

“We see each other a lot, but we never get to see each other all five of us in the same room,” explained Bass. “It’s such a dynamic, it’s hilarious. We need a reality show when that happens.” Fans, however, shouldn’t expect a new *NSYNC track any time soon. “Especially with Justin [Timberlake], he’s not going stop for a very long time. He hasn’t stopped since he was probably 8 years old,” Bass told us.

For now, the performer — who will co-host the American Music Awards red carpet pre-show on November 24 — is looking forward to planning his nuptials with fiancé Michael Turchin. “My whole life, I felt like I couldn’t get married. I always had it my head, okay, I’ll have the love of my life and we’re just gonna be together for the rest of our lives. Now being able to get married, it feels real for once,” gushed Bass.

Still, the “Dirty Pop” radio show host admitted there’s still a lot of uncertainty involved. Bass explained, “Gay marriage is something pretty new and people are still figuring out, Who proposes? What do you wear? What do the guests wear?”

“It’s gonna be interesting to see what kind of traditions start,” he added.

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