WATCH: Lana Del Rey “Raped” In Disturbing Eli Roth-Marilyn Manson Video

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Lana Del Rey Rape Video

By Daniel Gates


Lana Del Rey Rape Video


Lana Del Rey is shown being raped in a disturbing, newly leaked short film featuring Marilyn Manson and Eli Roth, who also directed the unsettling video.

The creepy film starts with slow-motion scenes of violence and chaos at some kind of bizarre dinner party. It then cuts to images of a barely dressed Del Rey struggling as Roth forces her onto a bed and rapes her. After the assault, Del Rey is seen stunned and crying as her attacker walks away.

There are plenty of other terrifying aspects of the video, including a masked rooftop sniper and insects eating each other, but the rape clearly stands out as the clip’s most haunting moment. The clip was shot a couple of years ago, but has not emerged until now. In a 2013 interview with Larry King, Roth referred to the collaboration and said, “The footage is so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year.”

Commenters are now debating whether the rape scene glamorizes the act of sexual violence or is an appropriately horrifying portrayal of it. See the video below at the 1:13 mark, and watch Roth’s comments about the project. Tell us what you think.

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