CLAIM: Lamar Odom “Moves Out” of Home with Khloe Kardashian Amid “Trouble”

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By Daniel Gates


Lamar Odom has “moved out” of his home with Khloe Kardashian, claims HollywoodLife, continuing to churn out the type of fabricated stories that have made the site a total joke. In its latest so-called “exclusive,” the webloid insists a “fed up” Odom “stormed out” on Kardashian because he has “serious concerns.” Odom purportedly left “for seven days,” fleeing to Las Vegas, so that he could “get a break from filming all of the Kardashian reality shows.”

“Lamar had to move out for seven days because he tired of the cameras being in his house filming Khloe all day long,” a “source” tells HollywoodLife. “He can’t get rest, he can’t go to the bathroom or make a damn phone call or sleep because they be on him and following his (sic) around.” Uh-huh.

What else does this phony “source” say? “It’s too much and he need to focus on his game and sleep. He can’t be taking off to Vegas like he did for seven days. It’s like he’s not welcomed in his own f***king house,” explains the site’s bogus insider. HollywoodLife’s source adds, “They’ll work it out though but damn — she need to know he need to sleep and have some quiet time. I know they both work and that’s how Khloe make her paper but damn, everyday cameras in the house. I’d hate that sh*t too.”

A few things. First of all, HollywoodLife’s habit of awkwardly injecting slang into source “quotes” for any story involving African-American celebrities is getting really lame and offensive. More importantly, NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. Odom and Kardashian are both in L.A., where he’s currently in training with the Clippers, and where he and his wife have not been in production for months. He never fled the house because of cameras, because there are no cameras. Just two days ago, Kardashian tweeted a picture of Odom in bed, with the caption, “My sleeping prince.” Maybe HollywoodLife should have checked that before writing sensationalized drivel about how Odom can’t even sleep in his own home.

As a source close to the family tells Gossip Cop, the story about Odom moving out and fleeing to Las Vegas “makes no sense.” Of course, that puts it on the same level as LOTS of HollywoodLife stories. Another day, another colossal failure of “reporting” for the webloid.

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