Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom “Marriage Crisis” Over The X Factor?

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By Daniel Gates


Khloe Kardashian scored a slam dunk when she was asked to co-host ‘The X Factor’ — but the prospective gig has left her hoops-playing hubby Lamar Odom feeling like he’s been fouled!” declares the National Enquirer.

How so?

The basketball star is supposedly furious that Kardashian is “putting [her] career before kids,” allegedly breaking a promise “to dedicate this year to starting a family and supporting [Odom’s] NBA comeback in Los Angeles.”

According to the Enquirer, it’s become a full-blown “marriage crisis.”

The mag reports that the couple’s friends “say there’s so much tension between them that they may not make it another year.”

What’s going on?

Kardashian had initially promised that Odom’s career “would be the priority,” explains an “insider” for the tabloid, adding, “She also agreed that they would spend more time together in an attempt to have a baby.”

“But now she is going to be totally consumed with ‘The X Factor,’ and he’ll be spending a lot of time on the road with the Clippers,” says the Enquirer source. “So they’ll see less of each other than ever.”

As the outlet’s “insider” explains, “Lamar is really hurt and angry. He can’t help feeling betrayed by Khloe’s decision to spend more time on her career than on his. It’s like she’s choosing money over love.”

And the Enquirer is choosing sensationalism over reality.

Last month, the tabloid falsely alleged that Kardashian and her sisters were purportedly warring over “The X Factor.”

Now the mag is hopping on the equally bogus “Khloe vs. Lamar” bandwagon, built by confusing the couple’s legitimate fertility concerns with totally fabricated drama.

There is no “marriage crisis,” a source close to the situation assures Gossip Cop.

The Enquirer might not think the two can pursue careers and a family, but Kardashian and Odom are doing just fine.

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