Lady Gaga Sued By Personal Assistant


By Michael Lewittes


Lady Gaga’s being sued by her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill. O’Neill claims in recently filed court papers that she’s owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gaga, who she alleges was a real Monster to work for during her 13 months of employment.

According to O’Neill, she had to cater to the singer’s every whim throughout Gaga’s 2010 Monster Ball tour, all day and even for “spontaneous, random matters in the middle of the night.” Among her many duties, says O’Neill, was “ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule.”

O’Neill says her service wasn’t just relegated to helping Gaga in her duplex New York apartment, but was also required in “stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses.” Gaga’s former assistant also claims part of her job was “ensuring the availability of chosen outfits,” which seems like a daunting task given the singer’s penchant for outrageous costumes like her “Meat Dress.”

O’Neill, who was paid $75,000-a-year, says she worked 7,168 hours in unpaid overtime, and is now seeking $380,000 from Lady Gaga. Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for the singer, but has not heard back. News of the lawsuit was first reported by the New York Post.

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