Lady Gaga: I Smoked 15 Joints A Day

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates


Lady Gaga was smoking a lot of marijuana to cope with her hip injury, she reveals in a new interview with Attitude. “I was smoking 15 joints a day,” admits the singer. “It was a habit that eventually occurred when the pain got so bad with the hip.” Gaga explains, “I was just numbing, numbing, numbing myself and then sleeping it off and then getting on stage, killing it in pain, then getting off and smoking, smoking, smoking, not knowing what the pain was.”

She says that her experience with performance artist Marina Abramovic helped her kick the habit. “Marina said, ‘OK, you’re coming to my house — no television, no computer, no marijuana, no nothing, no food. For three days, art only. You eat only art,'” reveals Gaga. “Now I smoke a little bit at night just, you know, for fun. But not to cope — that’s the difference. I’m the soberest I’ve ever been in the past five years.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gaga talks about the perceived conflict between her and Madonna. Referring to the Material Girl’s decision to perform a mashup of “Born This Way” with her own “Express Yourself,” Gaga tells the magazine, “I have to be really honest, I was completely kind of floored that Madonna was singing my song on her stage every night!”

“The fact that I was on her mind at all. I mean, Madonna’s… she’s Madonna,” continues the performer. “I looked up to her for a long time. I’m not quite sure what her intention was — to do that in the show, but I don’t really care.” Gaga adds, “I think playing into the gossip of the tabloids and, I guess the fodder of the competition, that’s just not what I’m about. She chooses to use her voice the way she chooses to use hers and I choose to use mine the way I use mine.” “All it meant to me was that Madonna Ciccone was singing my song on her stage and I’m 27!” says the ARTPOP star. “And as a punk-rocker from New York, I’ve basically been hoping that I would become so good that one day I would piss off Madonna!”

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