Lady Gaga Giving Up Music Career to “Save” Taylor Kinney Relationship?

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By Michael Lewittes


Lady Gaga is pursuing a movie career in a desperate attempt to “save her romance” with Taylor Kinney, reports Star. How so? The mag says the singer is “aiming to trade her grueling tour schedule for an acting career so she can build a more stable life” with her boyfriend.

A supposed “spy” tells the tab, “She’s decided to go from pop star to movie star.” Yeah, because people really talk like that. Anyhow, the purported “insider” tattles, “Gaga thinks that if she gives up the crazy rock n’ roll lifestyle, Taylor will propose. Gaga is actually a traditional girl and wants to settle down.” Now, she’s allegedly gunning to “land a role in a Les Misérables-type musical,” notes the source.

Oh, and that’s not the end of Gaga’s supposed acting aspirations. The “insider” goes on to claim, “Within five years, she hopes to win an Oscar.” OK. We’re not too sure what Star thinks the life of an actor consists of, but it’s not exactly the diametric opposite of the life of a musician. Like performing, acting also tends to involve a fair share of travel to different locations. Regardless, the mag’s story is completely and utterly FALSE.

A rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop it’s NOT TRUE that she’s planning to give up her music career for acting. Maybe Star’s reporters should looking into swapping their “reporting” careers for… fiction writing?

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