Lady Gaga “Headed For A Breakdown”?

Truth rating: 3

By Michael Lewittes

Lady Gaga

(Getty Images)

In Touch magazine is reporting that Lady Gaga is “headed for a breakdown.” According to the tabloid, the singer is “locked up in her studio and barely does anything else except work.” A source tells the magazine that Gaga, set to release the album “Born This Way” in a few months, is “very stressed out right now.”

Added to that, on the personal front, Lady Gaga and boyfriend Luc Carl are “going through a rocky patch,” claims the outlet, which quotes a “friend” of hers as saying, “She feels Luc is only with her because of her fame and fortune.” The publication goes on to say Lady Gaga has been drinking and smoking a lot and “acting increasingly bizarre.”

But other than her famously “bizarre” stage theatrics, the superstar has not been in any kind of spiral. Gossip Cop looked into a number of the tabloid’s claims, and they didn’t hold up. Though the singer does put a ton of time and effort into her work, she’s not “headed for a breakdown,” as the magazine says. Nor does Gaga actually believe her relationship with Luc Carl is based on her “fame and fortune.” A rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop there is “zero truth” to In Touch‘s story. Gaga hardly looked like she was going to crash when she appeared two nights ago on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

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