Lady Gaga Treats Staff “Like Peasants,” Fires Them For Making Eye Contact?!

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By Michael Lewittes


“Is Lady Gaga a Real-Life Monster?” blares a headline from Star, which says the pop star’s ex-assistant’s claims of mistreatment are “the truth!” A so-called “insider” for the tabloid alleges that Gaga, who is being sued by former employee Jennifer O’Neill for supposed unpaid wages, is “very mean” behind closed doors. The supposed “source,” who purportedly worked for Gaga during a 2011 video shoot, says, “She would fire you on the spot if you looked her in the eye.” Whoa.

Star’s alleged “informant” further claims, “People were not allowed to talk directly to her, and she was bossy and rude.” The “insider” adds, “Her workers are peasants to her, and she has no respect for them.” And that’s not the end of Gaga’s supposed nasty behavior.

Another purported spy for the magazine tattles that when she performed at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball, “Gaga came across as a witch,” noting, “You could tell from the look on her face she was just there to get paid.” Exactly.

That’s why the pop singer launched an anti-bullying foundation, and is offering free counseling services for fans on her Born This Way tour — to get paid. And clearly she needs the cash. Whatever. A rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop the mag’s claims are “completely made up.”

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