Lady Gaga Gained Weight Because… She Has Lupus?!

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By Michael Lewittes


Lady Gaga Deadly Health Crisis,” blares a headline from the National Enquirer, which claims the pop singer’s recent 25-pound weight gain may be due to a “life-threatening medical condition!” What?

According to the mag, the singer “has a family history of the auto-immune disease lupus, and insiders worry she’s secretly taking medication that’s caused her to blow up like a balloon.” A so-called “source” for the tabloid says, “Two years ago, Gaga admitted on Larry King’s show that she tested borderline positive for the disease.” The purported “insider” adds, “She said she wasn’t showing any symptoms, but her aunt Joanne died from lupus and the steroids prescribed to help keep the condition in check can easily lead to extra weight.”

“That’s why everybody is so worried about Gaga’s sudden weight gain,” explains the source, noting, “She’s always been obsessed with her appearance, so you know that something is terribly wrong.”

Actually, it’s this story that’s terribly wrong. Gaga has attributed her extra pounds to simply letting herself indulge in Italian food — and she’s not bothered by her fuller figure one bit. The singer even recently shared photos of herself posing in just a bra and underwear on her website as part of what she labeled her “A Body Revolution 2013″ campaign for acceptance. In any case, a rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop that claims she gained weight because of lupus or any other medical condition are completely “untrue.”

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