Lady Gaga “Hits Rock Bottom” with Cocaine Use, Claims Star Mag

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By Daniel Gates


According to Star magazine, Lady Gaga has some demons to go along with her “little monsters.” The pop superstar has allegedly hit “rock bottom” with “out-of-control drugging and drinking,” claims the tab.

“She has gone completely off the deep end!” a “pal” tells Star, which says Gaga “relies heavily on cocaine to give her the pump in creativity that she thinks it sparks.” This same so-called “friend” makes other outrageous allegations about the performer to pad out a story that contains zero actual evidence.

Gaga supposedly has a “crazy room” in her house where she gets high, “writes all over the walls” in charcoal and then has them repainted. Even her famous wardrobe decisions come from cocaine, continues the tab’s source, who explains, “The idea for her meat costume was the result of a coke-fueled binge that she went on.”

Let’s cut off the nonsense right here. While it’s true Lady Gaga has been open about using cocaine on occasion, it simply is not true that the singer spends her days and nights in some kind of coked-out downward spiral.

It’s just another example of Star “blowing” a bit of truth beyond all recognition. “This is complete bullsh*t,” a rep at Gaga’s label tells Gossip Cop, and her personal spokeswoman calls Star‘s story “ridiculous.”

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