Kylie Jenner Had Nose Job, Lip Injections and Botox?!

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By Michael Lewittes


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Kylie Jenner seems to have gone “under the knife,” reports In Touch, which claims the reality star has undergone a “dramatic transformation” in the past year.

The magazine quotes a plastic surgeon, who has never treated Kylie, as saying, “Her face has changed. Considering the work her sisters have had, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got an early start.”

Another purported “source” for the tabloid alleges that the 16-year-old “felt like the ugly duckling,” and notes that mom Kris Jenner “encourages plastic surgery.”

In Touch further quotes the plastic surgeon as saying that the 16-year-old may have had “Botox injections in the forehead,” a nose job, and lip injections.


Absolutely NOT.

This story is totally false.

A Kardashian insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “This is a blatant lie and not true.”

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