SPOILER! Who Died On The Simpsons Season Premiere?

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The Simpsons Character Dead

By Shari Weiss

The Simpsons Character Dead


“The Simpsons” killed off a beloved character on its season 26 premiere on Sunday.

If you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW the identity of the dead character, STOP READING now.


Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, the father of Krusty the Clown, died just minutes into the episode.

Krusty, dejected by the state of his career and contemplating retirement, went to visit his father for a heart-to-heart.

It was during their talk that Hyman passed away.

And unlike when Brian temporarily died on “Family Guy” last year, this death is expected to stick.

The rest of the episode revolved around Lisa fearing Homer, too, would die, although the show actually kicked off with the opening gag featuring Bart writing repeatedly, “Spoiler Alert: Unfortunately my dad doesn’t die.”

A grieving Krusty, however, rejected Bart’s attempts to get him to return to comedy, and his own near-death experience — in which Hyman in “heaven” told him to “help people” — failed to convince him, too.

He ultimately came around when Bart helped him see that his dad thought he was funny.

The animated FOX comedy first announced its plans to off a character last fall, as episodes are usually worked on roughly a year in advance.

The news led to near-endless speculation about just who would get the ax — and how.

Many guessed it would be Hyman, particularly after it was revealed that the premiere’s plot would be Krusty-centric.

After the episode concluded, executive producer Al Jean tweeted, “Kudos to the many who put together our 3 easy clues and guessed who dies. Also V important: his last word.”

Hyman’s last word was “Eh,” in response to what he thought of Krusty’s comedy, and Jean explained in post-show interviews that he hoped to convey an emotional, rather than shocking, storyline, in which son and father (who were formerly estranged early on in the series) were kind of able to make peace after death.

Hyman was voiced by Jackie Mason, who in 1992 won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his debut appearance on the show.

The milestone episode’s airing came just a few weeks after the series celebrated its 25th anniversary in grand fashion at the Hollywood Bowl.

It was to be followed later on Sunday night by the highly-anticipated “Simpsons” crossover on the “Family Guy” season premiere.

What did you think of the death — did it live up to the hype?

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