TAB: Kristen Stewart “Bombarding” Robert Pattinson With Calls on Valentine’s Day

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(The Sun)

By Michael Lewittes

(The Sun)

Kristen Stewart was unsuccessfully “bombarding” Robert Pattinson with calls on Valentine’s Day, while he’s been “consoling Liberty Ross as she goes through divorce” is the premise of another bogus piece by The Sun.

According to the British tabloid, which has been wrong over and over again about the Twilight stars, Stewart kept “pressing redial on the phone,” trying to reach Pattinson on February 14, but “there’s a good chance that she only got an engaged tone, though, because Rob has been busy calling Rupert Sanders’ ex.” Wait, was he actually speaking to Ross or was there “a good chance” they were talking on Valentine’s Day?

Despite the paper quoting a suspiciously fake sounding “source” as saying, “Robert’s always thought Liberty was gorgeous” and is “keen to meet up” with her, there’s a more than good chance the report is 100 percent wrong.

As Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted from insiders, Pattinson and Stewart are still together. Could they break up in a month, a year, 10 years from now? Anything’s possible, but right now, despite their distance, we’ve been assured the couple is still dating. And talk of Pattinson “consoling” Ross, we’re told, is also “not true.”

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