Kristen Stewart On Ignoring Gossip: “I’m Just Going to Live My Life”


By Shari Weiss


Kristen Stewart opens up about the gossip surrounding her career in a new interview with USA Today.

“People think they knew a lot about me before. They know even less now,” she tells the paper, explaining, “People will project whatever. It’s a huge form of entertainment.”

Stewart continues, “As soon as you step outside your own life and look at it like that and think that you can shape something — you need to live your life. I’m just going to live my life, actually.”

The Twilight star argues that the tabloid media isn’t actually writing about her “personal life,” because so much of what is out there — as Gossip Cop often points out — is pure garbage.

“It’s the most disjointed, uninformed, and completely unsatisfying and completely depressing [stuff],” says Stewart.

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But there are some aspects of fame that are slightly harder to ignore, such as dealing with the paparazzi.

Rob [Pattinson] is [noticed] way more than I am, especially if we’re out together,” she says. “He’s so recognizable, and I’m not. I put a hood on, and I’m a girl with long hair. I can go out.”

When Stewart can’t hide behind her hoodie, however, she admits that her nerves and anxiety surface.

Talking about formal press appearances, she tells USA Today, “I feel like I’m in the sixth grade, and everyone in the room is laughing at me. Some people can come into a room and say hello to everyone, and it’s fine. I’m not that person. I don’t think I’m very approachable.”

“When it makes sense, when there’s a platform for it, it makes so much sense for me to be there. I can stand tall. I can stand proud,” explains Stewart.

“I’ve never been the type of person who can stand in the forefront of nothing,” she continues. “That occasionally makes public appearances awkward. It feels a lot different when you’re going to unleash something that feels worth it.”

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