Kristen Stewart Talks Still Alice On Today Show: “I Found Aspects Of Myself” In New Part (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart Today Show

By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart Today Show


Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart appeared on Monday’s “Today Show” to discuss their powerful new film Still Alice, in which Moore plays a woman coping with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Watch the video below.

Moore is winning raves for her performance, and there’s already buzz that Still Alice could earn her a fifth Oscar nomination. In the movie, Stewart portrays her estranged daughter-turned-caretaker.

“I think I found aspects of myself within this part that I hadn’t had a reason to discover,” explains Stewart. “I can stand in something so grotesquely horrendous, and actually see the good in something, and try and see the light, and I didn’t know that I had that.”

Moore says of the younger actress, “I was delighted when I heard she was going to do this movie. I mean, really, really thrilled, because I’ve always loved her work so much, and I love her personally.” Stewart reciprocates the praise: “I’ve worked with a lot of extraordinary, talented people. She’s an incredibly impressive presence to be around.”

Asked about the movie’s message, Stewart says it’s simple: “Be positive, and live in the now.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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