CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Living with Giovanni Agnelli

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart continues to be the target of flat-out wrong rumors started by outlets that seem to think her admitted indiscretion with Rupert Sanders somehow makes truthful reporting irrelevant.

Already this week we’ve seen totally bogus stories about Stewart being pregnant and supposedly fighting Robert Pattinson over his dog.

A new report from RadarOnline (which has been very busy posting grossly sensationalized Stewart stories) claims the actress has been staying with producer Giovanni Agnelli ever since leaving the home she shared with Pattinson.

According to the webloid’s “source,” Stewart has essentially shut herself off in Agnelli’s house “in the trendy Sunset Plaza area” of Los Angeles.

Once RadarOnline planted the seed, the gang over at HollywoodLife took it to the next level, writing that Stewart is “shacking up” with her Welcome to the Rileys “director” Giovanni Agnelli.


Memo to HollywoodLife: Jake Scott directed Welcome to the Rileys.

Agnelli is a producer.

But why should silly little things like facts and accuracy get in the site’s way when there’s a hot rumor to run?

In any case, despite Agnelli’s friendship with Stewart, she is NOT staying at his house.

Multiple people close to the situation tell Gossip Cop the story is made up and completely untrue.

Outlets have been in an absolute frenzy trying to pin down everyone’s location during this saga, which is how we get bogus Pattinson sightings in London and other misfires.

The Agnelli rumor is just more of the same blind — and wrong — guesswork.

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