MAG: Kristen Stewart Led “Twisted Double Life” of Serial Cheating on Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart has led a “twisted double life,” claims OK! magazine, whose previous cover stories on the actress have sometimes read like unintentional parody. The tabloid now claims Stewart was a “serial cheater” and “trampire” whose summer indiscretion with Rupert Sanders was not isolated, and who “conned” Robert Pattinson into taking her back.

A so-called “insider” explains, “The sad truth is, Kristen has been unfaithful to Rob since day one — it’s actually a surprise to a lot of her friends that it took so long for her to get caught.” That’s a pretty serious allegation. How does OK! back it up? With a bunch of re-heated garbage.

First, the magazine’s source claims Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano were still hooking up after she and Pattinson began dating. Back in 2009 and 2010, there were random rumors about Angarano being “spotted” with Stewart after they’d broken up — and they amounted to nothing. OK! has no evidence or specifics whatsoever to support the claim that the former flames were still seeing each other after Stewart began dating Pattinson.

“Then, of course, there’s her thing with Taylor Lautner,” adds the mag’s source. “Everyone knows about their friendship, but not very many people know how close they really got.” Seriously? We’re really going down that road again? Nothing romantic ever happened between Lautner and Stewart — period.

OK! doesn’t even try to fabricate details about that supposed pairing, except for saying they used to play video games behind Pattinson’s back when they said they were working on scenes. This story just got even more pathetic.

Then OK! claims Stewart also allegedly had a “full-on fling” with a Welcome to the Rileys production assistant in 2010 — except the unnamed guy had a girlfriend and helped keep the whole thing hidden. How convenient for OK!

The mag even brings up the laughable alleged “flirting” between Stewart and James Franco at the Toronto International Film Festival as evidence that she “takes Rob for granted and is super entitled with him.” Here’s a “newsflash” for OK! from more than a month ago — the Stewart/Franco thing was fabricated. This is like the “story” that surfaced online in August that claimed Pattinson was a serial cheater, only to string together years’ worth of previously debunked b.s. in one place and pretend like it constituted some kind of pattern.

OK! also makes a half-hearted attempt to support the idea that Stewart “tricked” Pattinson into reuniting by playing up how sad she was in the wake of the Sanders scandal. In the mag’s insiders’ eyes, Stewart exaggerated her emotions as a ploy to win back Pattinson because, as one OK! source says, she knows “Rob’s just one of those really soft-hearted guys who can’t help but feel for anyone who’s hurting, and she totally used that to her advantage.” In other words, OK! thinks Pattinson is gullible and completely unable to read his girlfriend of three years.

It’s not Stewart’s purported “double life” that’s “twisted” here — it’s a desperate tabloid’s latest failed attempt to produce stories about the Twilight stars. A source close to the situation calls the entire story “lies.”

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