Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders “Reunion” Made Up By HollywoodLife

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By Daniel Gates


The bottom feeding scavengers at HollywoodLife are at it again. Jay Penske’s comically misguided webloid has been (willingly) duped by conspiracy theorists who believe paparazzi photos of Kristen Stewart from over the weekend show a possible reunion with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Let’s examine the evidence and the photos (at right).

“Rupert Sanders looks like he is still lusting for Kristen Stewart!” shrieks the blog, using its time-honored strategy of fabricating stories to manufacture outrage. So what’s all this about, anyway? “The same day that Robert Pattinson was seen leaving California, Kristen was spotted getting into a car with a man who looks exactly like Rupert,” explains HollywoodLife.

The site says the Twilight actress went to dinner with friends as Malo Taqueria in Los Angeles “on April 21.” Wrong. Despite the timestamp in the photo above, the dinner actually happened on Friday, April 19 — but facts have no place in a HollywoodLife story.

The blog wants people to think this dinner happened after Pattinson flew out of the city, behind his back. That’s totally false. In fact, the people who accompanied Stewart to the dinner are Pattinson’s friends. But HollywoodLife is far from done creating a fake scandal out of thin air.

The webloid claims Stewart was “seen getting into what looks like Rupert’s car.” Huh? To illustrate its point, HollywoodLife shows an inset picture of Sanders’ vehicle, which looks nothing like the car Stewart entered on Friday, also pictured above. Then HollywoodLife insists a “man who looks exactly like Rupert” was in the car. But look at the photo. That is not Rupert Sanders — period, end of story.

Here’s HollywoodLife’s version of events: Kristen Stewart went out with her girlfriends on Monday, after Robert Pattinson was out of Los Angeles, and met up with Rupert Sanders in his car. Here’s reality: Kristen Stewart went out with a group, including Robert Pattinson’s friends on Friday, before he left Los Angeles, and then left without anyone even resembling Rupert Sanders.

Besides carefully examining the photos above, we double-checked with a source close to Stewart about this latest absurdity, and the person literally laughed at HollywoodLife. How could anyone not at this point? For years, HollywoodLife has misled and misinformed its readers about Stewart and Pattinson. The amateurish scandal mongers have goofed dozens of times in 2013 alone, including: Falsely linking Stewart to a “mystery man,” Falsely linking Stewart to co-star Jim Sturgess, Falsely linking Pattinson to a secret “lover,” Falsely linking Pattinson to a “mystery” blonde, Falsely claiming Pattinson ruined Stewart’s Oscar night, and countless others too dumb, sensational, contradictory, or outright fake to mention.

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