Gossip Cop Will Not Stand For Lies About Our Kristen Stewart Reporting

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By Daniel Gates


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In recent days, a vocal minority of Gossip Cop commenters on stories involving either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart have accused us of deliberately slandering the actress.

Most level-headed people understand such bizarre allegations to be completely false and to make zero logical sense whatsoever. A website devoted to being the most accurate celebrity news source there is — by doing everything possible to avoid the ad hominem attacks, speculation and sensationalism that other outlets use to drive traffic — does not attract business by going after Stewart or any other celebrity for no reason.

We do well by not dragging people through the mud. That’s why, when challenged, our accusers can’t find a single example of Gossip Cop actually starting or spreading a malicious false rumor about Stewart. Not one.

We don’t invent mean-spirited garbage. We spend our time reporting news and cleaning up the messes left by less careful outlets — the places that do resuscitate old traumas and invent new hearsay for the sake of riling up readers.

This recent outrage about Gossip Cop grew out of a totally innocuous article, one that was no different than a hundred other similar stories we’ve done in which one celebrity says something about another celebrity and we report it. Joan Rivers happened to make jokes about Stewart — and others — in her new book. We reported about her book. That’s it.

Gossip Cop frequently writes about famous people’s thoughts, jokes, tweets, interviews, etc. about other famous people. But detractors, who maybe misread the article, attacked us over the Rivers/Stewart piece, somehow believing that we… invented Rivers’ words? Or only reported on it because she slammed Stewart? Or used it as part of a conspiracy to trash the star? Or… something? It’s been very hard to figure out the specific problem… since there isn’t one.

When we report on Drake Bell making fun of Justin Bieber, no one thinks we were the ones making fun of Justin Bieber. When we report on Charlie Sheen slamming Rihanna, no one thinks we were slamming Rihanna.

Rivers joked about Stewart, it was newsworthy — our story, after all, was based on book excerpts in the New York Post — and we wrote about it. Period.

But a handful of conspiracy theorists ignored our years of solid, fair-minded reporting on Stewart — which has been in line with our solid, fair-minded reporting on everyone else in Hollywood — and began to spread the bogus message that we attacked her. Hey commenters, if you seemingly want to make up stuff, maybe HollywoodLife is hiring.

The people lying about Gossip Cop (and that’s what it is — lying) with insane, pulled-out-of-you-know-where claims about us being paid off or libeling someone or deliberately writing falsehoods — are the same people who have bullied other commenters with hateful bile for years, at times making the comment board very unpleasant. Those commenters, whose knee-jerk response is to allege Gossip Cop gets paid off by Pattinson’s people, are not only living in their own fantasy world, but are actually the ones committing libel. The only reason there are more Pattinson pieces right now is because he’s out promoting The Rover, much like how there are more articles about Stewart when she has a movie in theaters.

A side note: On Monday, while we were busy reporting an accurate story about Stewart, a couple of Twitter users questioned our sources since we failed to be the first to break the news of Stewart’s indiscretion with Rupert Sanders two years ago. Know why we didn’t have that story first? Because we don’t buy paparazzi photos. If purchasing invasive pictures taken with a long lens is your idea of good journalism (or breaking news), maybe you should look elsewhere. Once the Stewart-Sanders story became a bona fide news saga, we covered it accurately, consistently taking pains to separate fact from speculation. We just report the news, and our batting average is way higher than just about anyone else’s.

Our angriest and most gullible commenters are the ones still furious about the events of the past — not us. We’ve moved on. Gossip Cop is focused on being clear, conscientious and consistent with our reporting in the present and the future. Our detractors come at us with blind rage and empty speculation because that’s all they have. End of story.

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