CLAIM: Kristen Stewart ‘Blindsided’ By Robert Pattinson ‘Separation’ Site Invented

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart misinformation campaign continues. The webloid, which has been desperately posting speculation and flip-flops about the couple in lieu of actual facts, is at it again on Friday, publishing a story that Stewart was “bummed” and “blindsided” by the “trial separation” HollywoodLife invented on Thursday. As Gossip Cop reported, there is no “trial separation,” and HollywoodLife’s new “exclusive” only confirms how flimsy the bogus premise was in the first place.

HollywoodLife is the Lance Armstrong of blogs: Start a lie, and just keep arrogantly, recklessly building on it.

According to the site, Pattinson “dropped a MAJOR bombshell, because he told Kristen he wants a trial separation while he is in Australia filming The Rover.” Translation: They’re going to be apart for a while because of work, so HollywoodLife felt comfortable declaring them “separated.” “Of course Kristen is bummed that Rob wants a trial separation,” a so-called “friend” of the actress tells HollywoodLife. “She honestly didn’t see that coming.” It never came.

“She definitely didn’t want a trial separation,” says the webloid source. “But she’s willing to do whatever makes Rob happy. She’s determined to make it work no matter what it takes!” Translation: HollywoodLife hopes that by repeatedly using the phrase “trial separation,” even though no one talks that way in casual conversation, it will stick in the public’s mind. Oh, and it is convenient to declare that Stewart wants to “make it work.” That way, when time and reality prove HollywoodLife’s story to be total nonsense, it has an easy out.

“That’s the spirit, Kristen!” declares the site. “Give Rob his space, but don’t give up on him. Kristen is showing how mature she is with this attitude, and it is the sure fire way to get herself back in Rob’s arms.” Translation: HollywoodLife feels more comfortable directly addressing celebrities as though they’re close friends than actually finding sources who know what they’re talking about. It creates the illusion that HollywoodLife is “inside” Hollywood. They’re not.

Here’s the truth: No one close to Stewart or Pattinson is talking to HollywoodLife, because HollywoodLife has earned a reputation as the site that will say anything about either star to incite outrage. It creates a self-perpetuating cycle in which HollywoodLife has limited access, then blindly and wildly guesses, and is forced to remain outside Pattinson and Stewart’s circles, left to create its own reality. Pardon the phrase, but this is HollywoodLife just vamping. And it must be very frustrating. But it does not mean HollywoodLife should get away with selling a narrative that has no basis in reality.

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