Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson “Separated For Good”?

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By Daniel Gates


Tabloids continue to fill the vacuum of actual news about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with mindless noise.

With Pattinson filming The Rover in Australia, outlets have run wild with speculation that the geographic distance between the actor and Stewart spells doom for their relationship. We’ve had HollywoodLife’s bogus “trial separation” reports, Life & Style claims about Stewart fearing a Pattinson “revenge fling,” and sensationalized blog stories about encounters with a “sexy blonde.” Now Star is chiming in with its own breathless bloviation. The magazine says that when Pattinson jetted off to Australia earlier this month, “there was more to his impending split from Kristen Stewart than work.”

Oh, like what? According to Star’s so-called “insiders,” Pattinson flatly rejected Stewart’s request to come visit him Down Under. “Rob told Kristen not to follow him, because he’s going to use the time to think,” a “source” tells the tabloid. “She’s devastated, but Rob is not budging.”

Star insists that Pattinson is “unable [to] let go” of Stewart’s indiscretion with Rupert Sanders from last summer — even though the couple reconciled months ago. “He tried really hard to make it work with Kristen, but in the end it was too hard because he can’t trust her,” explains the magazine’s insider. “He said that he needs to figure things out.”

The magazine asks, “Could RPatz and KStew finally by KPut?” and whether they’re now “separated for good.” Um, no. Pattinson did not go to Australia to clear his head. He went for a job. Star and its ilk can keep claiming his relationship status fundamentally changed when Pattinson left for The Rover — but empty speculation is all it is.

It’s yet another no-win situation for Stewart and Pattinson. If she visits him Down Under, the tabloids will declare that she “rushed” there to “save” things. If Pattinson just goes about his business with the movie and Stewart happens to stay in the United States, the same publications will declare that it’s “evidence” of a permanent split. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the Star story is “based on nothing.”

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