MAG: Kristen Stewart “Desperate” to Keep Robert Pattinson, Forced to Show Affection

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By Daniel Gates


This is great. For years, the tabloids have told us that Kristen Stewart is aloof and shows little affection for Robert Pattinson, supposedly not as committed as Pattinson to their relationship.

Then came last week’s hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. “Kristen was all about her man and didn’t care who saw it, including Rob’s parents in the audience!” exclaims Life & Style, referring to the couple’s PDA.

Wow, could the magazine finally be admitting that Stewart and Pattinson are happy and stable? Of course not! “Insiders say her motive for getting handsy may be more about marking territory than unbridled passion,” explains the tab.

A so-called “production insider” adds that Stewart “knows she has to keep an eye on Rob because so many women want him.” But that’s not all! Supposedly, Stewart is particularly wary of Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene, even though Reed is married now and Greene’s “flirty behavior” with Pattinson on a press junket was pure tabloid fabrication.

Allegedly tense around her female Breaking Dawn co-stars and fearful of every other woman on the planet, Stewart is “desperate to hang on to Rob,” which explains her affectionate behavior, claims Life & Style. Gotcha. So when Stewart and Pattinson don’t touch, it’s because they’re a couple in trouble. And when they do touch, it’s because they’re… a couple in trouble?

Once again, when it comes to satisfying tabloids frothing at the mouth for controversy, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just can’t win. Regardless, a source in the know assures Gossip Cop the couple is as happy now as they were “two weeks ago and two months ago — nothing’s changed.”

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