Kristen Stewart Did NOT “Confront” Riley Keough Over Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates

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OK! magazine has embarrassed itself yet again. Just days after claiming Robert Pattinson was “obsessed” with Kristen Stewart and supposedly couldn’t let her go, the tabloid is jumping — weeks late — onto the debunked and ridiculed rumor linking him to Riley Keough.

“Rob’s New Romance Heats Up!” declares OK! with the same misguided zeal that’s led to some of the worst reporting ever on the Twilight star. The tabloid goes on and on with b.s. statements and quotes about the supposed Pattinson-Keough relationship. “Rob and Riley are having a really great time together, even though it’s very early,” says one so-called “insider” for the magazine. “There is an attraction to each other. They just get each other.” Again: They’re not dating. But they’re not.

OK! drones on about how it’s more than “just a rebound romance” for Pattinson, speculating about their close connection and the hours they supposedly spend listening to music and watching movies at home. “They do just the typical stuff that has pretty much started all his relationships,” says one OK! source. “They get into debates about politics, human rights, things that they had read in the papers that morning.” No they don’t. The OK! source made that up.

But what’s especially notable about this travesty of a “story” is a sidebar claiming, “Betrayed Kristen Confronts Riley.” OK! alleges, “Kristen was none too happy to find out about her ex dating her pal, and she didn’t hesitate to show it!” A “friend of Kristen” tells OK!, “She called Riley.” “She likes and respects her, but she just doesn’t feel like it is ever right to go after a good friend’s ex who is suddenly on the market,” explains the OK! source, noting that while the two actresses kept things civil, Stewart was “upset” and allegedly called the supposed Pattinson-Keough hookup “really uncool” during the phone exchange. Uh-huh.

This never happened. The OK! source made it up. There was never any phone call, and there’s been no “confrontation,” because not only is there NO PATTINSON-KEOUGH ROMANCE, but Stewart and Keough are very close. Someone who knows both actresses tells Gossip Cop that Stewart and Keough are really good friends, and that the continuing tabloid-fueled drama between them is “totally fake.” That would be in keeping with countless OK! stories about Stewart and Pattinson over the years. Enough’s enough.

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