Kristen Stewart “Racist” For Leaving Possible Will Smith Movie ‘Focus,’ Says Site

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart is “racist” and stars in The Hunger Games, according to the sensationally misinformed webloid MediaTakeOut. The blog, which regularly embarrasses itself with phony stories about Will Smith and others, now implies that Stewart exited the upcoming movie Focus because of Smith’s race. What?!

Of course, MediaTakeOut begins by picturing Stewart (photo at right) and identifying her as “that UGLY chick from The Hunger Games,” so you can see just how comically clueless the site is when it comes to basic Hollywood movie facts. Stewart was not in The Hunger Games. In any case, the site’s over-the-top headline declares that Stewart is “acting REAL RACIST Towards Will Smith!!!!”

How so? Well, as Gossip Cop reported last year, Stewart had been on board for Focus opposite Ben Affleck. Affleck ultimately left the project, and last week came news that Smith might be joining while Stewart had dropped out. And that’s pretty much it.

There have been reports that Stewart thought the already big age difference between her and the male lead (17 years with Affleck) was a bit too wide with Smith (21 years her senior), although Gossip Cop hears Stewart quietly walked away from Focus before Smith even entered final negotiations.

But MediaTakeOut is not interested in the age difference or a thousand other factors that play a role in whether an actor or actress winds up in a movie. The site is only interested in the serious and 100 percent unfounded implication that Stewart did not want to work with a black co-star. It’s completely ridiculous. We’re not surprised that MediaFakeOut would make up a silly story for page views, but calling Stewart “racist” simply because she’s no longer working on a movie that Will Smith might headline is truly low.

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