CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Forcing Kristen Stewart to Continue Acting

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart is getting the tabloid treatment again this week, with Star magazine making a baseless claim about the actress and then using an equally silly allegation to cover itself.

According to a “source” for Star, Stewart has been so torn up about work-mandated time away from Robert Pattinson, she’s thinking about leaving her career. “She’s been in tears, saying she can’t face being away from Rob for too long and that it physically hurts her,” explains this supposed insider. “Kristen even said she’s considered giving up working for good to be with him.”

And what’s allegedly all that keeps Stewart from pulling a Taylor Momsen? Pattinson supposedly “told her straight out that if she gave up working, he’d dump her,” says Star‘s source, explaining that “part of the reason he’s so in love with her is because of how great an actress she is.”

Let’s get this straight. Stewart, who’s signed on for major films like Snow White and the Huntsman, suddenly wants to quit Hollywood, even though she and her boyfriend have had frequent extended periods apart since they began dating? And Pattinson is “so in love” with Stewart, he’ll “dump” her if she decides not to make movies?

The only thing more tortured than Star‘s readers is its logic. In reality, Stewart is not desperate to retire, and Pattinson did not give her that bizarre ultimatum. As a source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop, she’s extremely happy with her current career path and has no intention of leaving it behind. Maybe certain tabloid editors should mull a different line of work.

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