“Sourpuss” Kristen Stewart Now Smiling to Save “Shaky” Rob Pattinson Relationship?

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart can’t catch a break with In Touch. Last October, the magazine claimed she and Robert Pattinson looked “miserable” and that he was “embarrassed” to be back together with her. Time passed, and In Touch was proven wrong.

A month later, the tabloid speculated that Stewart was about to wreck Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage, a despicable implication based on nothing beyond the publication’s thirst for scandal. Then the tabloid declared that she and Pattinson had had an “explosive fight” before Christmas. That never happened, either. Before long, the supermarket rag was falsely theorizing that Stewart might cheat with Rupert Sanders while Pattinson filmed The Rover in Australia.

Now In Touch has somehow managed to turn Stewart’s smile into an issue. The mag explains that the “sourpuss” actress was beaming at last month’s Kids’ Choice Awards because she’d undergone some kind of “personality overhaul.” “Kristen was lighthearted and up for fun,” says a so-called “source” for In Touch. “Something has definitely changed.” Oh? It can’t just be that she’s… happy?

According to In Touch, Stewart is “pulling out all the stops to please Rob” because she’s “determined to fix their shaky relationship.” That’s why the mag says the star is “kissing up to his friends” (by hanging out with Katy Perry at the KCAs) and “turning it on for fans” (by posing with one upon Pattinson’s return from Australia).

“It remains to be seen how long Kristen can keep it up — and some friends are already waiting for the other shoe to drop,” warns In Touch. A Pattinson “pal” tells the outlet, “She’s going out of her way to prove herself. I like this Kristen much more. But will it last?” The only thing that’s certain to “last” is In Touch’s campaign to turn everything about Stewart into suspicion.

When Stewart doesn’t smile, she gets criticized as a “sourpuss”; when she does smile, places like In Touch say it’s a phony, desperate act to save her relationship. Enough already. Given the mag’s track record of wild missteps when it comes to reporting on Stewart, perhaps In Touch should change its stripes. A source close to Stewart says the mag’s report is “ludicrous” and more “tabloid nonsense.”

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