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Site Claims Kristen Stewart’s Iced Tea Break Means Her Celebrity Has Cooled

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart


Talk about missing the point.

On Wednesday, E! Online passed along a rather charming possible Kristen Stewart sighting at Peet’s Coffee in Los Angeles.

A casually dressed woman an eyewitness “swears” was Stewart waited in line and ordered an iced tea to go. When the E! source asked whether the counter guy knew who he’d just served, he supposedly said he didn’t.

“The girl from Twilight,” he was told, to which the employee reportedly replied, “I don’t go for that vampire crap.”

If the story is true, it’s an amusing little anecdote about one of the world’s most recognizable actresses finally getting a bit of the everyday privacy she so badly wants.

But Showbiz Spy, the same site that once put a photo bounty on her head, manages to turn this into a negative for Stewart.

“Kristen Stewart Fading Back Into Obscurity!” announces the headline. The item continues, “Kristen Stewart is losing her star power!”

Wait, let’s get this straight.

If Stewart orders an iced tea without being hounded, it means she’s fading into obscurity?

By this logic, the actress has to be pestered by every person with whom she interacts in her personal life; otherwise, she’s clearly not sufficiently famous anymore.


In light of that photo bounty, Showbiz Spy’s position is clear: Kristen Stewart is only worthwhile if she’s being harassed in public.


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