MTV Gets “F” For Grading Fake Kristen Stewart New Year “Resolution” As Real

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart

(Getty Images)

In 2011, MTV should resolve to be more careful when it passes judgment. The outlet was so eager to needle Kristen Stewart in a piece “grading” celebrities on their old New Year’s resolutions, it used a fake new “resolution” another site jokingly suggested for Stewart as though it were the real thing.

Here’s Stewart’s supposed quote: “I resolve not to resent all of the hatred that’s sent my way, and to remember that it’s only borne out of jealousy, because I am the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world.” In case it’s not obvious, those words are not actually Stewart’s. They’re part of a slideshow of “totally made up suggestions” for resolutions for 2011 recently put together by Celebuzz.

If MTV had bothered to check where the Stewart “quote” originated, they’d know it was part of the same feature in which Zac Efron “resolves” to “hook up with only half of the available females in the world” and Snooki “resolves” not to tan to the point of looking like “a traffic cone.” In other words, it’s completely fake. Instead, MTV graded the comment as though Stewart made it herself at the beginning of 2010.

Claiming the actress “still seems to be carrying around a lot of resentment,” the site gives her a “D” on fulfilling her alleged “resolution.” Gossip Cop resolves to keep separating fact from fiction, and good celeb reporting from bad celebrity reporting, as we enter 2011. In the meantime, MTV gets an F for its Stewart piece.

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