CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Gets “Rebound Body” to Win Back Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart has never been the poster child for youthful vitality,” writes Star magazine, but “sources say that since her split from jilted ex Robert Pattinson, she’s been on a health kick in hopes of winning her beau back.” According to the tabloid, Stewart is pulling out all the stops to get her “rebound body.”

“Kris has barely touched alcohol since July. She’s given up smoking and taken up Bikram yoga,” a so-called “pal” tells the mag. (We know it must be a super-close “pal” because he or she calls the actress “Kris.”)

Star’s source adds, “The new fitness plan has done wonders for Krissy’s body and mind. Even her skin is glowing!” When she and Pattinson met last month, claims the tab’s insider, “Rob just couldn’t stop raving about how fantastic Kris looks. And she’s telling friends that she’s going to reel Rob back in with her body.” Uh-huh.

All of this is FASCINATING, especially coming from the same publication that just last week falsely insisted that Stewart had ruined a possible reunion by bashing his sexual performance behind his back. Of course, Star’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, recently tried to take the opposite position on Stewart’s health, wrongly reporting that the actress was “living on” a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes.

As Gossip Cop pointed out, Stewart had actually given up smoking long before then, and the tabloids’ swing from one extreme to the other with regard to her supposed “health” is a perfect example of how little these “friends” know about Stewart. It’s true that Stewart has cut out cigarettes and been exercising — but it’s not any kind of new, desperate bid to win “her beau back,” despite Star’s sensationalism. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop, “She’s essentially doing the same workout that she’s done for a long time.”

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