Kristen Stewart Did Not Dine with “Mystery Man” in Los Angeles

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart


HollywoodLife has gone from taking cheap shots at Kristen Stewart whenever possible to botching movie “news” about her to bungling her travel schedule to taunting her about Robert Pattinson‘s co-stars to creating fake professional rivalries to stirring controversy over her sex scenes to inventing romantic evenings out to… well, you get the idea.

The site’s track record with Stewart is abysmal (and that’s putting it charitably). So when outlet reports that the actress had dinner with a “mystery man,” red flags pop up immediately. “Eyewitnesses saw Kristen Stewart having a fun night out with a guy friend in Los Angeles Friday night May 20, while Robert Pattinson was stuck filming Cosmopolis in Toronto,” declares the blog, detailing Stewart’s supposed dinner at Sunset Tower Hotel’s restaurant with a “pretty short, brown haired man.”

“Now fans, don’t get upset. This wasn’t a date!” explains the webloid. “The pair looked like they were definitely just friends.” Phew. For a second there, we thought the headline, “K-Stew, Mystery Man Have Dinner in Los Angeles Without R-Patz!” might be an attempt to create controversy!

“They seemed like old friends, I mean they were laughing and talking but there wasn’t that romantic spark if you know what I mean,” reports a “witness” for HollywoodLife. There’s one problem. Actually, a rep for the actress confirms to Gossip Cop she was not at Sunset Tower Hotel’s restaurant on Friday. She wasn’t there with a short, brown-haired man. She wasn’t there with a tall, blonde woman. She wasn’t there with Bigfoot or Elvis or the Loch Ness Monster. She wasn’t there, period.

But we are definitely happy for whatever random, friendly couple HollywoodLife’s “eyewitnesses” did see on Friday. Maybe a website with half a clue can even identify them properly! Importantly, to create it’s manufactured and inaccurate controversy, the webloid used a photo of Stewart, with insets of the Sunset Tower Hotel’s restaurant and Pattinson, to convey the actress ate there without him. But no matter how many pictures (above) that the site piled on top of each other, the site’s reporting just doesn’t stack up.

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